Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who are you that loves me this much
and what is this great love
do you long to be near me
to hear about my day
do you want to protect me
and make plans full of hope
do I surprise you
bring you joy with my smile
will you pull me close
even when I push you away
I want to believe it’s all true
I want to feel it in my heart
because I long to give what I’ve been given
but the physical world fight hard
how can I be so close to one so far above
how can I give to one who created all
by loving those near you, I hear you whisper
by caring for those I love
yet there has to be something to this love
between you and me
it burns inside
it feels close
and it beckons
help me explore it
teach me
to nurture
and draw near
and listen
and love
the great Love
the greatest
my love

the love of all