Saturday, March 10, 2007

Thoughts on a Rainy Saturday OR Finding my Zen

It is becomming so rare for me to just do nothing. I sometimes think that I covet it. I am and always have been a very busy person...not intentionally filling my schedule with things to do just so I can be busy, but finding myself busy as a result of loving so many things and/or people and wanting to throw myself (albeit inexpertly) into them all. As I finish up a crazy week, I think, oh, I just want a day to do nothing. To just sit around and veg out. But then, that day comes. Of course, clearly, we can never actually do nothing, but with some effort we can become pretty close, especially if you are like me and have the tendancy to sing so often that you constantly have songs stuck in your head. If you learn to harness this talent, your brain, though constantly thinking, can be found running the same verse over and over and over again, becoming an almost involuntary condition. If you are good at lying in one place and allowing this song to take over your thoughts, I think there would end up not being much activity at all, besides necessary conditions such as breathing and pumping blood, etc. I don't exactly know what made me think along this line, (my guess is the boredom that ensued from all this doing nothing) but when it takes effort to do nothing, wouldn't it be better to use all that effort to do something instead? Doing nothing gets you nothing except the passing of time and maybe a deeper connection to a few lines of "Dancing Queen," (which will most likely now become stuck in my head just from the mere typing of the title of that song). But doing something could result in getting to eat a sandwich you just made, or enjoying a clean kitchen, or finding a new place to hike or losing 5 pounds and building muscle from taking up running or changing the life of a 13 year old...or eating a sandwich (mmm...I am hungry) Or at the very least, you may get that awful song out of your head.

In conclusion, I hate doing nothing. Thank God for a world full of somethings.